Top Charities to Donate to

Those people who want to do good deserve special attention. If you think that donating to charities is the prerogative of wealthy individuals, you’re mistaken. Sometimes even $10 can save someone’s life. Many people, including your friends and acquaintances, donate to non-profit organizations, and you may not even know about it. Remember that all good you do will come back to you.
If you have some savings or your wage is enough to donate money to charity, explore the list of trustworthy organizations. Perhaps, the mission of a particular one will resonate with you. A lot of students are engaged in volunteering and philanthropy. If you also want to join them, we recommend you to find the job to have some funds to donate. Academic writing services, such as Assignment Geek, offer academic assistance to all who need it. Read Assignment Geek reviews to find out how many students opt for it. Here are the top charities to donate to in 2020.

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

This non-profit organization focuses on preventing HIV in children and studies this problem, conducts research, and does everything to get rid of HIV/AIDS. You must understand the importance of this problem. So if you also want to bring up AIDS-free generation, donate this organization, and even 10-20 dollars will help to make progress.

Heart to Heart International

It’s a humanitarian organization, the work of which is focused on helping people who suffered from natural disasters. During the current pandemic, Heart to Heart distributes medical equipment and hygiene products to countries that need it. All of us want this crisis to end faster. Why not donate even a small sum to make a contribution? If you’re a student, you’ve used academic assistance at least once in your life. Various academic writing services, such as OxEssays, have thousands of clients who order a lot of papers. Familiarize yourself with the OxEssays review to evaluate how many students use this service. Imagine how much money the organization could raise if all these students donated $5-10 to it?

Cancer Research UK

It was founded in 2002 with one sole purpose — to lower the number of death from cancer. This disease is one of the most intractable. If you knew someone who suffered from it, donate in honor of this person. Students who take part in research know how it’s difficult. That’s why many of them ask professional writers to do their research papers. Expert Writing is one of the academic writing services that are popular among students. Numerous reviews prove that the service is trustworthy, so remember about it in emergencies.

World Resources Institute

People don’t care about the environment as they should care. As a result, we suffer from natural disasters, pollution, and other consequences of our negligence. WRI is a non-profit organization, the activity of which focuses on seven areas: food, aid, water, energy, forests, climate, ocean, and cities. It accepts donations from all people who also want to fight for a sustainable future for themselves, their families, and all people.


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